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The 10-Minute Teacher Show with Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher

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Apr 21, 2017

Want to help students learn and be more refreshed. Students need breaks too. That is why brain breaks are becoming so popular. Teacher Rob Donatelli @DTown_MrD talks about the Brain Breaks phenomenon and gives teachers five ideas he uses in his classroom for brain brains in his high school class. Take a brain break today! Rob will share five ideas today including the: 

  1. Backwards classroom race 
  2. 60-second pitches 
  3. Face off 
  4. Smartphone ping pong 
  5. Penny catch 

Plus, a 40-second pitch to teachers about the reasons they need brain breaks in their classroom. 

Have some fun! Take a break! You might need these especially as kids are taking high-intensity tests to help kids refresh and gear back up.

 (I am not crazy about the tests but I am crazy about kids and when I feel things getting too intense, I take brain breaks with my students.) 

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