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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

Produced by Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, LLC

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Aug 31, 2020

Writing has a powerful place in our classrooms right now. Dr. Elyse Eidman-Aadahl talks about the types of writing, research about writing, and how we can teach writing in the unique spaces and places we find ourself this Fall 2020 in schools everywhere. No matter your teaching situation, you'll find some ways that you...

Aug 27, 2020

 Kristina Holzweiss shares plain and simple terms some of the most timesaving, enriching online resources available to teachers today. 

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Aug 26, 2020

Believe it or not, gaming is gaining popularity in schools, not just as a pastime, but as part of curriculum. Dr. Kristy Custer is one of the pioneers of the video gaming movement in schools. Now is a great time to investigate esports as an extra-curricular activity that students can enjoy and remain at a distance.

Aug 25, 2020

Hello teachers, you are not alone! Shannon Reed knows all about the importance of setting boundaries and self-care and gives you encouragement to survive and thrive this fall. Let's work hard and teach well - our students need us. And as my husband told me just last weekend, "if you don't take care of yourself, no one...

Aug 24, 2020

We don't know what the future holds but we know there are things we can do to help children cope with anxiety. We also know there are things we can do to be prepared for distance learning.  Joseph Hamer, a second-grade teacher from Wichita Kansas, and author of Brain Awakes joins Vicki to discuss how to help students...