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Nov 12, 2020

David "Creative Dave" Dubczak is a middle school teacher who sparks creativity. In today's show, he defines creativity and the two kinds of creative thinking to understand: divergent and convergent thinking. Then, he gives us three ways to activate "Genius Mode" and spark creativity in our students along with examples of what he's doing in his classes. We can spark creativity even at a distance!

David "Creative Dave" Dubczak - Bio as Submitted

David Dubczak, a.k.a Creative Dave, loves helping people be more creative. He believes everyone has their own secret “Genius Mode,” and creative thinking is the key to unlocking it.

David has been a teacher for the past 10 years at Indianola Middle School in Indianola, Iowa, teaching Computer Science. Away from school, he is a creativity coach and consultant, helping people and businesses increase their creativity.

As an educator, his passion is teaching kids to fail. In research and development industries, the ability to fail and learn from failure is incredibly important. Schools today don't share that view, and he’s trying to change it.

David is also an award-winning playwright, and his video productions have won several awards with organizations such as the Iowa Motion Picture Association, Broadway World, and the Festigious International Film Festival Los Angeles.

David earned his Bachelor of Science in Education at Drake University and his Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology at Iowa State University. He loves to speak and workshop on creativity and productive failure.

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