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Mar 31, 2017

TW Williamson @tww00 an educator in Taiwan shares his story of global collaboration and connection with US teacher Annette Lang. In today's show, TW shares 5 Ideas for connecting your classroom with others. Connecting is part of a teacherpreneurial mindset that characterizes a true world-class 21st-century educator. Let's dig in.

TW shares with us:

  • How to let go of the concept of control
  • How to share with other classrooms
  • Giving students choices in their connections
  • A surprising thing he and Annette's students share
  • Building trust and collaboration with colleagues around the world.

Born, raised, and educated in Maine USA at public schools, private college, community college, and State university.

Have taught for over 30 years, including middle school, high school, and community college; subjects including Latin, English, and Emergency Medical Technician. Former nationally certified Paramedic, spent many years serving and teaching in EMS, and former National Ski Patrol member on the slopes and instructing. 

After living and teaching in Maine for a long time, family relocated to Taiwan, where my wife and I teach in the high school at KAS ( We love living here and explore Asia for a variety of interests.

I’ve always liked adventure, both in professional and personal life, and discovered via Twitter that Annette Lang ( of BMSA ( was seeking an international collaboration partner; it has been an amazing ongoing three-year ever-evolving and rewarding professional learning experience. 

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