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Nov 5, 2021

Digital portfolios are an essential part of the modern student's creation process. In this show Tisha Poncio shares her tips on digital portfolios and classroom teaching. Learn how to plan ahead to allow for project based learning and digital portfolios and best practices for implementing them in the classroom.

Transcript posted on the show page:

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Tisha Poncio - Bio As Submitted

Tisha Poncio, M.S. Learning Technologies/Instructional Design, has served in education for the last 21 years. She has led students in the classroom teaching English, Web Design, Graphic Design, Business Computers, Programming, and Broadcast Journalism. She has also coached educators, students, and administrators as a digital learning specialist for 12 years. She is a Google Certified Trainer, and a Flipgrid, Wakelet, and Buncee Ambassador. Her biggest accomplishment to date has been the creation of a student-led technology leadership group that helps her present globally on student voice, digital citizenship, and the #studentsCANlead movement.