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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

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Apr 27, 2017

Mark Barnes @markbarnes19 discusses a popular method of problem-solving: Hack Learning. Instead of a 5-year plan, this model helps educators improve on a daily and more short term basis. He gives examples of how educators are hacking (and improving) meetings and more. Let's Hack Learning!

Today, Mark shares how we can Hack Learning by: 

  • Understanding the model of hacking learning 
  • Giving us examples including cloud meetings 
  • The problems with hacking learning (when people don't want to change) 
  • How to solve problems not marinate in them 
  • An exciting perspective on change 

Mark Barnes is a longtime educator, author, podcaster, and Founder of Times 10 Publications. Mark is the creator of Hack Learning -- books, podcasts, presentations and other content that provides right-now solutions for teachers and learners. One of the world's most recognizable connected educators, @markbarnes19 and his team of internationally-renowned eduhackers are turning the Hack Learning problem-solving model into a global movement. Dedicated to this mission, they are giving away 10,000 books and other free innovative digital content in 2017. Learn more at

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