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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

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Dec 22, 2023

"In today's episode, we're thrilled to have Jay Schroder, author of "Teach From Your Best Self, A Guide to Thriving in the Classroom." With this in mind, we dive into a critical yet often-neglected aspect of teaching—teacher well-being. Join us as we explore high-impact, low-effort teaching strategies crucial for bringing your best self to the classroom and forging a sustainable, rewarding career.

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This enlightening conversation is packed with practical tips for flourishing in one of the most demanding professions. Therefore, as we wrap up the year and enjoy our holiday festivities, I invite you, the remarkable teachers and educators listening to the 10 Minute Teacher, to pause and reflect on self-care and your approach to our noble profession of teaching. Understandably, if we are going to have long-term success in education, we have got to begin focusing on the well-being of our teachers. Now, in my 22nd year of teaching, I look back and wish I had known many of these lessons sooner. So, let's embrace the new year and reflect on what we can learn from the stresses and messes of this past fall and take the opportunity to renew our commitment to not just teaching but thriving in our classrooms.

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