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Dec 17, 2019

Conversations with students about things that are meaningful, relevant, and part of the fabric of their lives is an important part of cultivating savvy citizens. Today's guest, teacher Chelsey Greer, talked with her students about the disturbing phenomenon of the Deep Fake. She used episode 572 with Wesley Fryer as a tool to open the conversation.

Chelsey Greer - Bio as Submitted

My name is Chelsey Greer. I am teaching technology education for the first time this year after five years of teaching in elementary classrooms. Technology and education are my passion and I’m beyond excited to be starting my career as a technology education teacher. I am also a coach to a first-year team of sixth and seventh graders with the Odyssey of the Mind program. I have so much to learn and I look forward to all the challenges and exciting moments ahead!

Outside of school, I’m a mom to an incredible little girl and wife to my loving husband. My husband, Casey, is an engineer and loves to get involved in the projects I’m doing with my students. Together, with my mom, our family is working to re-establish the farm that’s been in my family for generations. There are so many great things to look forward to in life and we all strive to do what we love in life.