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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

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Sep 11, 2019

Engaging students can be a challenge. A student from Jeromie Heath's class shares her perspective on learning and why she wanted to learn for Jeromie in this episode. Today, join in the conversations about learning and engagement and all your own thoughts on social media.

Jeromie Heath - Bio As Submitted

Jeromie Heath's students experience a revitalization in the love of learning. Jeromie's passionate mission to engage every student is the key to more equitable learning higher quality education, helping to close opportunity gaps, higher student growth/performance, and happier learners. 

His students love school, love learning, and love each and every day.  He attributes this increase in student engagement and performance based on the 3 key principles of engagement: accessibility, value, and stimulation. These three principles include innovative and effective methods that inspire, motivate, and challenge every learner.  These methods not only produce results in student growth on test scores, but also (and more importantly) create experiences for life-long learners.

He is a NBCT who holds experience in teaching in several diverse elementary schools.  He now shares his 3 key principles to student engagement all across America.  His presentations are not only informative - they are dynamic.  For more info, visit: