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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

Produced by Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, LLC

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Hi, I'm Vicki Davis the host of the 10 Minute Teacher podcast. I am a classroom teacher, Mom, and geek. I began podcasting in 2006 with Women of Web 2 which had 100 episodes. Then, in 2012 hosted another popular show in education, Every Classroom Matters and we recorded 301 episodes there. Then, I decided to become an independent podcaster and created the 10 Minute Teacher with my husband, Kip. Now, my son John is the producer and we have over 770 episodes and 5.6 million downloads and counting. 

I love to interview teachers. My goal is to interview the most practicing classroom teachers on any one podcast. I want this show to be quick to fit into a busy teacher's schedule and practical. If you're interested in becoming a guest, you can email my research assistant Dr. Lisa Durff at lisa at coolcatteacher dot com. If you're a business, don't ask to be a guest, you'd be better as an advertiser to support and keep this show rolling. 

Learn more about Vicki over on her blog at She is @coolcatteacher on every social media platform you can find but loves to share most on Twitter.