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Jul 10, 2020

Today, the topic of racism has brought about discussions of not only organizational reform but also reform in our personal perceptions. Today, Dr. Andrea Dozier and I will talk about hope in the midst of understanding. We approach this topic with humility and sincerity and I hope as you listen to our perspectives of being two different women living in the southern United States that we might come away realizing that we’re not as different as we might think. In this podcast, we share our thoughts about working with others, dealing with injustice, and standing for positive change.

Andrea is a friend and she also has a blog that I recommend "Strength for Your Mountain Diaries." Check out Andrea and let me know on Twitter what you think. 

Dr. Andrea Dozier - Bio as Submitted

Dr. Andrea Dozier has been providing instruction in higher education for over 18 years. She is currently employed as an assistant professor of nursing and undergraduate pre-licensure clinical coordinator at Albany State University. She is also a Faculty Internationalization Fellow.

Dr. Dozier is certified in online instruction and serves as hybrid nursing program professor, graduate faculty member, and mentor. She is a published author whose research interests include teacher efficacy, instructional methodologies, and course design in nursing education.

Dr. Dozier received her Associate of Science in Nursing in 1995 from Darton State College, Bachelor of Science from Georgia Southwestern State University (2004), Master’s from Albany State University (2012), and Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Valdosta State University (2018).

Dr. Dozier is a member of the Georgia Association for Nursing Education and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing.


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Twitter: @strengthforyou1