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Mar 15, 2021

Did you know that you can play massive Kahoot games with many students as players? Today's guest, George Pearce, talks about how he streams Kahoot games, handles security and privacy, fights bots that allow cheating and attack his Kahoot games and also how he deals with lag to make game competitions more equitable even when hundreds of miles separate the learners. He also shares the software he uses and tips to get started. You'll be able to use what you learn for any multiplayer gaming you want to hold across your school, district, or even across the world.

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George is a Kahoot! Ambassador from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. He teaches his grade 7 & 8 students math, science, and STEM. George is focused on providing students with fun, engaging, and joyful learning experiences. He is a Makey Makey certified educator, Microbit ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Educator and general tech enthusiast.


George loves to make learning a hands on experience, infusing technology, coding, and electronics into common classroom activities and projects. George also teaches his students the power and importance of contributing to online communities. He models what it means to be a connected and responsible digital citizen in global learning communities. George wants students graduating from his classroom to love learning, with the hope of fostering a life long passion.



Twitter: @GPearceWSD

Youtube: &


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