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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

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Feb 27, 2020

Creating the culture in your classroom can help you be a better and happier teacher and can help your students learn better and be happier too. Today's guest, Elisabeth Bostwick takes us into her classroom to share how she creates a luminous learning environment where learners are empowered by authentic learning that unleashes their potential. Get motivated to reach every child!

Elisabeth Bostwick - Bio As Submitted

Elisabeth Bostwick is a multi-award-winning educator who is passionate about creating the conditions to spark curiosity and unleash creativity to empower learning. She is the author of, Take the L.E.A.P.: Ignite a Culture of Innovation and co-author of Education Write Now, Volume II: Top Strategies for Improving Relationships and Culture. As an innovative teaching and learning consultant and instructional coach supporting K-12 teachers, Elisabeth works alongside educators to create inclusive and equitable classroom cultures where every learner thrives. Elisabeth is driven to deepen learning; leveraging highly effective strategies that engage and empower all learners to maximize growth. With her passion for creating a long-lasting, positive impact on education, Elisabeth inspires others to identify how we can cultivate systemic change and develop essential success skills to ensure learners are future-ready.