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Feb 26, 2024

Today we learn from an NBA player who admitted he was illiterate at age 32, learned to read, went back to college and eventually earned his master's degree. In this episode we dive into the extraordinary life of Dean Tolson, a man whose life changed from dribbling basketballs to championing education. At age 32, Dean went from the high-flying courts of professional basketball to the halls of academics, where he learned to read and achieved the unimaginable Master's degree. 

Dean shares his inspiring transition from an illiterate athlete to a magna cum laude graduate; his story is not just about the victories or the setbacks; it's a powerful call to action for every listener to recognize the undeniable value of education in shaping one’s destiny. Join us as Dean Tolson unfolds the chapters of his life, offering invaluable lessons on resilience, the importance of education, and the belief in one's potential to overcome any obstacle.

I played the rough cut of this episode for my eighth graders and we had an incredible class discussion about how perhaps we have turned things upside down in our society. I hope there are many more like Dean who rise through athletics and go back and complete their education. We should all reflect on the emphasis we put on education and the importance of getting a great education even if a student is pursuing a career in sports.

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