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Nov 5, 2019

Science can be difficult for low to average readers. Today, we'll dig into the power of comic books to help us teach difficult subjects to students by making learning reachable and approachable. C.A. Preece works to reach every learner by working to make science approachable and understandable. - to see show notes and examples of comics he uses.

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C.A. Preece - Bio As Submitted

I am a high school chemistry teacher and have been for seven beautiful years, now. Using facilitated diffusion, knowledge was beaten into my fertile mind at Morehead State University and the University of Kentucky granting me the power of holding a piece of paper that says: Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry at Morehead State University as well as a Master's of Arts in Teaching. In addition, I have taken 30+ graduate chemistry and education hours from the University of Kentucky in the pursuit of a Ph.D. in S.T.E.M. Education.
Along with teaching and grad school, I write! My first publication was in July 2017 with CheMystery! A graphic novel aimed at providing quality chemistry knowledge through the lens of superheroes. Also, I do science consulting. I have had the pleasure of assisting Frank Barbiere, Greg Rucka and the creators of Doctor Puppet on projects.

Teaching, science and reading comics! I love comics of all kinds but the ones that truly win my heart are comics with great characters and even greater science. This medium is a great way to communicate many ideas and since science is so graphic, I think it can be a beautiful marriage when done right.
Here are some of my favorite characters:
Marvel- Captain America/Black Bolt
DC- Firestorm
Indy- Dr. Solar

PANELS on Science in Comics
Lexington Comic Con 2015 with Bob Hall and Kody Chamberlain
D.C.'s Awesome Con 2015 with Duncan Rouleau and Tom King
Baltimore Comic Con 2015 with Mark Waid and Ramona Fradon
Lexington Comic Con 2016 with Matt Hawkins and Nathan Fox
Indiana Comic Con 2016 with Neal Adams​
Lexington Comic Con 2017
Heroes Con 2017 with Josh Reynolds, Shari Brady, and Matt Brady
KSTA Conference 2017 on Using Science Comics in the Classroom with Josh Woodward
Derby City Comic Con 2017 with Megan Scholar
Lexington Comic Con 2018 with Jim Shooter and Erica Schultz
+ ConGlomeration 2018
+ Indy Pop Con 2018


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