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10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

Produced by Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, LLC

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Feb 28, 2019

David Gann, Professor of Innovation and Technology Management, shares what his research has shown about playful learning in the business world and classroom. This is a great show for those who think "play" is a bad word and to realize that play is applicable at all levels of success.

Feb 27, 2019

Michael Cohen, aka the Tech Rabbi, and author of Education by Design talks about classroom design. We should design the classroom environment for learning.

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Feb 26, 2019

Dr. Brian S. Friedlander talks about the Amazon Alexa devices and why so many teachers are excited about them. 

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Feb 25, 2019

Get motivated and remember why we want to teach with principal Brad Gustafson.  Sponsored by Empatico, an amazing free way to collaborate for ages 7-11 

Feb 22, 2019

Elizabeth Iwaszewicz talks about five strategies for designated and integrated ELD /ELA.  Today's sponsor is Metaverse. Go to  to learn more.